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Frequently asked Questions – Hydroflux HyPURE® Ultrafiltration systems

“What is the capacity of the range of HyPURE® UF systems?”
The HyPURE® UF range are individually designed to suit customer requirements, the treatment capacity can range from <5m3/D up to and above 50,000m3/D. We have standard sizes that we manufacture from 10 - 200m3/hr feed water flow rates.

“What type of maintenance is required on a HyPURE® UF?”
HyPURE UF’s are designed for extended maintenance free operating periods. Typically only infrequent checking of chemicals, cartridge filter replacement and calibration of probes is necessary, as all critical operating data is continuously recorded through the HyCONNECT system. Operation of the plant can also be controlled remotely through the HyCONNECT system. A routine Clean in Place (CIP) is necessary to maximise membrane life however this process is made very simple by our online step-by-step CIP walkthrough, which minimises operator error in what would be a complex task on traditional UF plants. The treatment plant automatically conducts a chemically enhanced backwash (CEB) to reduce the need for CIP’s. CEBs are conducted with either sodium hypochlorite, an alkaline cleaning agent (often caustic) or an acidic cleaning agent (often citric/oxalic acid).

“Does the HyPURE® UF require a significant amount of power?”
Generally speaking, UF systems require similar power demands to other filtration technology (e.g. sand/media filtration). Hydroflux designs focus on energy efficiency, with the use of highly permiable PVDF UF membranes with efficient flux rates to minimise pressure and backwash frequency. Feed pump VSDs are fitted to all systems as standard to further minimise energy loss.

“What is the typical recovery achievable in the HyPURE® UF systems?”
The recovery (ratio of output treated water to input feed water) is generally dependant on the application and the propensity for membrane fouling. HyPURE® UF systems are designed to optimise recovery, even in harsh conditions such as industrial wastewater recycling where typically 92 – 96% is achieved.

“Can the HyPURE® UF system remove dissolved solids?”
Depending on the size (molecular weight) of the dissolved solid and the pore size of the UF membrane it is possible for some dissolved material to be removed. Inorganic species (dissolved salts) are too small to remove by ultrafiltration and typically nanofiltration or ultrafiltration is required.

“What is the typical backwash frequency for HyPURE® UF systems?”
Backwash frequency is variable, can can occur every 10 minutes to 120 minutes, depending on the application.

“How frequently does the HyPURE® UF system require chemical cleaning?”
A CEB is typically performed once per day to once per week, depending on the application. A CIP can occur anywhere from fortnightly to quarterly.

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