Demineralised Water

The reliable supply of demineralised water is critical for the operation of power stations.

The purity of the demineralsied water also has a significant impact on the efficiency and operating costs for the station.
Due to the sensitive nature of the boiler systems and turbines to fouling/scaling, the demineralisation systems are required to reach purity levels in excess of 17 MOhms/cm.
Silica, TOC and other cations are also required to be reduced to ppb levels. Hydroflux have the experience necessary to design and build systems required to maintain this output quality over the life of the station.

Recovery of high purity condensate is another source for demineralised water within the station. As steam passes through the boiler and turbines it collects impurities.
These impurities are primarily dissolved metals and particulates. The condensate recovery of “polishing” system typically consists of two stages. The first stage is filtration, which is required to remove the particulates and protect the second stage mixed bed ion exchange system.
The inclusion of a condensate polisher provides another source of demineralised water for reuse in the boilers. Condensate polishers also significantly reduces the cost of blowdowns, wastewater treatment and upfront investment in the demineralisation plant.

Hydroflux and our partner Flootech Oy are consistently delivering some of the largest demineralised water treatment plants around the world, with production capacities in excess of 200m3 per hour of high purity water. This expertise in high flow, high purity applications gives us a significant advantage in the design of water treatment plants for the power sector.

Hydroflux offer a complete range of demineralised water and condensate polishing solutions for power stations including:

  • Complete filtration and mixed bed ion exchange condensate polishing systems
  • Raw water intake screening
  • primary solids removal through HyDAF dissolved air flotation or HiFlow clarification
  • Filtration of fine particulates via our HyPURE MMF and HyPURE UF
  • Demineralisation through single and double pass HyPURE Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Softening and Mixed Bed Demineralisation through HyX and FlooIX systems
  • Continuous Electrodeionisation (CEDI) demineralisation
  • Membrane Degassifiers for dissolved gas (CO2 and O2) removal