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Filter Press Sizing

The chamber filter press is a batch system and is ideally suited to small to medium volumes of sludge.

NCMC filter press1The Hydroflux Filter Presses are available with various plate sizes and numbers of plates. The capacity of the filter press is equal to the volume of dewatered cake that will be generated for each batch. Each filter press can be configured with a number of plates of a specific size. Greater capacities are achieved by using a greater number of larger plates.

The following table provides indicative capacities of filter presses when using various size plates.

Sizing Table

Plate Size Cake Volume Litres – Chamber Plates Cake Volume Litres – Membrane Plates
470mm square 25-150
500mm square 40-170
630mm square 100-410 110-460
800mm square 350-850 500-1200
1000mm square 760-1550 750-1850
1200mm square 1020-2400 1600-3700
1300mm square 1300-3400 1900-4900
1500mm square 1800-4700 2500-8500

More sizes are available, please contact Hydroflux for sizing for your application.

Please click here for filter press applications.
Please click here for details on how the filter press works.

Hydroflux product solutions are fully equipped, ready for operation. This complete offer allows clients to consider the best technical solutions available via the most efficient process