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Filter Presses

filter press1A Filter Press is most commonly used to dewater sludge generated from industrial wastewater treatment plants.

The Hydroflux chamber filter press is a batch system and is ideally suited to small to medium volumes of sludge. One of the key benefits to the filter press is the dry solids concentration that is unmatched by other dewatering technologies.

The nature of the pressurised dewatering processes lend the filter press to non-greasy applications such as the metal industry where dry solids concentrations in excess of 60% are possible

Hydroflux Industrial can supply various types of presses including standard plate and frame, membrane systems and semi automated in capacities up to 5000L.

How the Filter Press Works

The first stage of dewatering in a filter press is chemical conditioning. This is usually achieved by dosing a polymer into a mixed sludge storage tank upstream of the filter press. The flocculant will bind the sludge particles into larger flocs which are thicker and easier to dewater in the press.

The slurry is then introduced through the center of the press where it fills the chambers between the plates. The pressure forces the liquid through the filter cloths, whilst solids are retained between the plates. The filtrate flows between ridges in the plates to the corners where it discharges.

The stages are as follows:

  1. The chamber is empty, but has been sealed closed by the hydraulic ram. The press is ready to receive wet solids.
  2. The wet solids are fed into the chamber. The solids begin to fill the chamber void.
  3. The chamber void is full. Pressure builds and water is filtered through the filter cloths.
  4. The cycle time is ending. The feed has stopped, allowing the hydraulic ram to be retracted – solid cake falls from between the plates

The resulting sludge cake is then removed from the plates prior to being discharged into a storage bin or conveying system.

Filter Press Sizing

The Hydroflux Filter Presses are available with various plate sizes and numbers of plates. These various configurations allows numerous capacities to be provided.
Plate Size Cake Volume Litres – Chamber Plates Cake Volume Litres – Membrane Plates
470mm square 25-150
500mm square 40-170
630mm square 100-410 110-460
800mm square 350-850 500-1200
1000mm square 760-1550 750-1850
1200mm square 1020-2400 1600-3700
1300mm square 1300-3400 1900-4900
1500mm square 1800-4700 2500-8500


The Filter Press offers several advantages over other dewatering systems:

  • Very dry filter cake
  • Operational requirements are very low
  • Capital cost is low
  • Maintenance is relatively simple and can usually be undertaken by a non- specialised maintenance team
  • Start up and shut down is quick and simple


A Filter Press can be used for dewatering primary or biological sludge from many applicaiton including:
  • Metal Processing
  • Ground Water Treatment
  • Site Remediation
  • Breweries & Wineries
  • General Industry
  • Heavy Industry
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Vegetable Industry

Our Services


Engaging a professional wastewater treatment company to look after the entire wastewater project is a convenient, economical and hassle free option for industry.

Hydroflux Industrial can provide all process design works, manufacture and fabrication, construction and even complete operation of your wastewater treatment plant.

When Hydroflux Industrial provides complete solutions, we can either undertake a contract on a turnkey basis or work together with building services engineers and other construction professionals to ensure that the project is delivered smoothly, without interruption and on time.


The Hydroflux Group is able to offer a Build Operate & Transfer (BOT) option for water and wastewater assets in Australia and New Zealand. This innovative partnership arrangement strengthens existing strong bonds between Hydroflux and their customers for the long term.

Hydroflux, represented by a special purpose vehicle dedicated to the project, supplies the design, construction, financing, and operation of the water or wastewater plant. The plant is transferred to the client at the end of the contract, which is generally around 10 years.

Hydroflux also purchase existing water and wastewater plants on a similar basis, which releases cash to our clients for either returning or distributing to investors or for funding other investments in their core business.

The multidisciplinary structure of the Hydroflux group including design, construction, equipment supply and operation makes Hydroflux the ideal BOT water and wastewater partner.

Please contact Hydroflux if would like to explore the option of either acquiring a new water or wastewater facility without capital outlay or would like to free up cash by selling your existing water or wastewater assets.


Filter Press Operation

Diagrams showing the operation of the filter press. Click to enlarge.

Hydroflux product solutions are fully equipped, ready for operation. This complete offer allows clients to consider the best technical solutions available via the most efficient process