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Complete Dewatering Systems

Hydroflux Industrial not only supply dewatering equipment such as Belt Presses, Screw Presses, Filter Presses and Centrifuges but we have the skills and experience to design and construct an entire dewatering plant.

completedewateringIn order to effectively manage and dewater sludge generated form industrial wastewater processes, a number of steps are required.

Firstly the sludge must be stored in a suitable vessel and mixed to ensure that the slurry being fed to the dewatering machine is consistent in nature and solids concentration. The type of mixer and shear that is applied to the slurry at this stage is critical.

The second stage of dewatering requires the addition of a flocculant or polyelectrolyte to bind the fine slurry particles into a dewaterable floc. The type of polymer and dose rate is again critical to the performance of the plant. Hydroflux Industrial design and supply high quality flocculant blending and dosing systems to compliment the dewatering plant.

Depending on the amount of sludge being generated and the location of the plant and the type of bin being used for sludge disposal, conveyors maybe required to allow the sludge to be transferred and spread to minimise disposal costs.

Hydroflux Industrial can provide all the design, equipment supply and installations of complete dewatering systems for any industrial application