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SeaPURE RO Systems

Currently, less than 1% of all water found on our plant is suitable for human consumption.

Through reverse osmosis, humanity have been able secure suitable water for drinking and also for industrial processes from the vast volumes of seawater and brackish groundwater. Hydroflux® are a global leader in the supply of seawater desalination systems.

Reverse Osmosis System

Hydroflux® design and supply a range of robust SeaPURE seawater and saline brackish water reverse osmosis systems. These systems are designed to meet the most stringent requirements for production of high purity industrial process water, as well as potable water.

One of the major challenges providing clean water from seawater to those who most desperately need it is the high energy requirement to desalinate seawater. Hydroflux® offer a range of unique energy recovery solutions for small and medium SeaPURE plants, producing as little as 5m3/D. Our unique design feature ensures Hydroflux® provide our customers with the most energy efficient solution available on the market, no matter how big or small their system is.

More information on our SeaPURE range of Reverse Osmosis desalination systems can be found below.

Key Features
Common Applications
Frequently Asked Questions

In addition, Hydroflux® also offer a range of technology solutions for large scale desalination plants. These include

  • High Flow Seawater Intake Screens
  • Lime Clarifiers for permeate remineralisation
  • Dissolved Air Flotation for Red Tide/Algae treatment