Advanced Water Treatment Plants

All of the technology  and process equipment used in an AWTP  can be found in Hydroflux’s product portfolio and is not too dissimilar to what many food processing plants are already familiar with.

The first stages of advanced water treatment incorporate conventional primary and secondary biological processes that . The second stage involves membrane filtration and disinfection which are water treatment processes engineers and operators are accustomed to. The final stage of an AWTP is  product validation which although  not a treatment process as such, it is an integral and important aspect of the AWTP’s risk management system.

Although an AWTP utilises a series of conventional combined wastewater and water treatment technologies, one of the  keys to its success in establishing a suitable and acceptable risk management plan is the implementation of a multibarrier approach. A multibarrier approach is as the name suggests, a system whereby even in the event of failure of one or more process elements, the product water will remain suited for its intended purpose.

As part of the overall AWTP design, our experience in the development and implementation of  risk management plans is critical to the  successful operation and management of the AWTP facility.

Most businesses are continuing to invest in the design and implementation of sustainability strategies and programs and they have probably already made significant steps into reducing their carbon footprint. These actions are essential, welcomed by all, and will make the future less worse. However, businesses need to have adaptation plans for climate variability. There is no doubt that in the future, many parts of Australia will be again be impacted by drought. History confirms this, and science and trends suggest the frequency and severity only will get worse. Converting wastewater back to a potable grade will notably reduce the impact the next drought will have on any business that administers an advanced water recycling program and will reduce the impact of the drought on others including the local catchment and community.

Learn more about the  Hydroflux  processes used in an Advanced Water Treatment Plant.


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