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Oil Separators

oildropHydroflux Industrial offers a comprehensive range of high quality stainless steel oil water separators designed specifically for tradewaste treatment or to remove oil from storm water run off

In many industrial applications, free oil removal is required prior to any other form of treatment. In these situations, Hydroflux tailor the HySEP Oil Separator to separate gross amounts of free oil present in the wastewater as a preliminary stage to other forms of treatment. Applications include oil refineries, chemical plants, natural gas processing plants, power plants and mine sites.

For storm water treatment from electrical substations, tank farms and other areas where storm water runoff is contaminated with oil, Hydroflux will tailor the HySEP Oil Separator for high efficiency and it will remove virtually all oil allowing water to be safely discharged to the environment. For ‘zero oil’ discharge in environmentally sensitive areas, the Hydroflux HySEP Oil Separator includes features to guarantee no oil can discharge.

The Hydroflux Oil separator is a parallel plate separator utlising a specially designed oleophilic plate pack to increase the effective surface area of the separation vessel. This increased surface area provides more surface for oil droplets to coalesce and enhance the separation process. The cross-flow pack design provides unequalled laminar flows for optimum separation of the oil from the water.

Hydroflux product solutions are fully equipped, ready for operation. This complete offer allows clients to consider the best technical solutions available via the most efficient process