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Advanced Aeration

The AEROSTRIP® Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser is a strip diffuser, for use in continuous and intermittent biological processes.

AEROSTRIP® diffusers by AquaConsult of Austria have been in operation since the early 1990’s and are providing significant benefits to many industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants throughout Australia.

mainimage2The main benefits of the AEROSTRIP® diffusers is the significant power savings due to the high oxygen transfer rate 4.0-5.0 kgO2/kW and robustness/long life of the membrane, which is greater than 12 years. And this is without fouling or loss of pressure.

The AEROSTRIP® Diffusers are suitable for use in conventional activated sludge plants, sequential biological reactors, membrane bio reactors and virtually any aerobic wastewater treatment process.

AEROSTRIP® membrane modules

Hydroflux Industrial supply two types of AEROSTRIP® modules both suitable for municipal and industrial applications
Stainless Steel High Density PVC
  • Base plate made of stainless steel
  • WNr. 1.4571 (X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2), AISI 316Ti, (V4A)
  • Specific air flow: max. 120 Sm³/h per m² diffuser surface
  • flexible arrangement
  • no wearing parts
  • easy handling
  • Material: Stainless steel A4 (base plate)
  • specific air flow: max. 120 Nm³/h per m² diffuser surface
  • flexible arrangement
  • no wearing parts
  • easy membrane replacement
  • special sizes available (maximum length possible: 4.50m)
aerostripdiagram2ss aerostripdiagram1

Benefits of AEROSTRIP® diffusers

AEROSTRIP® membrane strip diffusers have the following advantages:

  • Between 4.0—5.0 kgO2/kW transfer efficiency
  • 1mm bubble size provides for highest transfer rates
  • Oxygen transfer efficiency up to 60%
  • Non clogging design
  • Twenty to one turndown ratio
  • PU membrane; long life (greater than 12 years)
  • Greater coverage of the reactor floor with strip profile
  • Intermittent and/or continuous operation
  • Multiple lengths and configurations
  • Documented proof of efficiency and durability



AEROSTRIP® membrane strip diffusers have the following features:

• A wide range of SOTR and tank dimensions can be fitted with Aerostrip&#174 diffusers
• A tapered design can bring oxygen into the water where its required
• Deposits are prevented
• AEROSTRIP® can be used in Aerobic Digesters with intermittent operation
• AEROSTRIP® can be used in high MLSS reactors (MBR) at > 10,000 mg/L

Extensive research into the fouling of Membrane Diffusers has been conducted. It has been found that little pressure occurs across Aerostrip® overtime.

The two prime reasons are:

1. The membrane is manufactured from polyurethane, without any fillers or plasticisers. Its pure polymer. No mechanical damage or increase in bubble size occurs within the 12 year life of the membrane.
2. We employ control strategies to mitigate fouling effects due to EPS (blow down cycle for cleaning).

As AEROSTRIP® is fed with air, an air cushion forms underneath the membrane and the micro-perforations open partially. As air flow increases the number of open perforations increases.

The fine bubbles emerge and rise slowly with an oscillating motion. The 1mm bubbles provide high specific area and great stability. This leads to high oxygen mass transfer.


Exceptional Performance

The AEROSTRIP® membrane strip diffusers have exceptional performance as demonstrated in the table below:

performance table

Quality assured construction

Each AEROSTRIP® is tested before delivery

aerostrip3b.jpg– Each AEROSTRIP® is tested before delivery
and certified according to ISO 9001
– Testing facilities for measuring of oxygen capacity
– FTIR – Spectroscopy for material inspection
– Tensile testing machine for determination of material constants
– Stereo-microscope for an accurate visual inspection

Our Services


Engaging a professional wastewater treatment company to look after the entire wastewater project is convenient, economical and hassle free option for industry.

Hydroflux Industrial can provide all process design works, manufacture and fabrication, construction and even complete operation of your wastewater treatment plant.

When Hydroflux Industrial provides complete solutions, we can either undertake a contact on a turnkey basis or work together with building services engineers and other construction professionals to ensure that the project is delivered smoothly, without interruption and on time.


The Hydroflux Group is able to offer a Build Operate & Transfer (BOT) option for water and wastewater assets in Australia and New Zealand. This innovative partnership arrangement strengthens existing strong bonds between Hydroflux and their customers for the long term.

Hydroflux, represented by a special purpose vehicle dedicated to the project, supplies the design, construction, financing, and operation of the water or wastewater plant. The plant is transferred to the client at the end of the contract, which is generally around 10 years.

Hydroflux also purchase existing water and wastewater plants on a similar basis, which releases cash to our clients for either returning or distributing to investors or for funding other investments in their core business.

The multidisciplinary structure of the Hydroflux group including design, construction, equipment supply and operation makes Hydroflux the ideal BOT water and wastewater partner.

Please contact Hydroflux if would like to explore the option of either acquiring a new water or wastewater facility without capital outlay or would like to free up cash by selling your existing water or wastewater assets.


Technical Details

AEROSTRIP® Brochures

Download Hydroflux AEROSTRIP&#174 Brochure

Download Hydroflux AEROSTRIP® Brochure

Download Hydroflux AEROSTRIP&#174 Brochure

Download Hydroflux AEROSTRIP® Type Q Datasheet

Download Hydroflux AEROSTRIP&#174 Brochure

Download Hydroflux AEROSTRIP® Type T Datasheet

Hydroflux Industrial product solutions are fully equipped, ready for operation. This complete offer allows clients to consider the best technical solutions available via the most efficient process