Slide background MENA Water Package Process Potable Water Plants - High efficiency, compact, rapid deployment
Ideal for both the temporary and permanent high standard treatment of drinking water for Factory's and Industrial Facilities


MENA Water offer a range of packaged Water Treatment Plants (WTP) to treat sea, stream, river, dam, pond and other water sources to a safe potable (drinking) water standard. The use of packaged based technology enables the use of much more economical and faster builds of treatment systems compared to conventional water treatment plants.

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MENA-Water SafeDrink package plants are used for a wide range of water supplied both industrial and to villages, towns and new building developments as well as for factories and industrial applications.

MENA-Water SafeDrink plants range of applications includes the following:
    •   Meat Slaughterhouses and Packing Facilities
    •   Dairys
    •   Vegetable Washing Plants
    •   Pulp and Paper Mills
    •   Beverage Manufacturers
    •   Oil & Gas Industries
To view Technical Information on MENA Water’s Package Drinking Water Treatment Plant’s please select from the links below:
    •   How It Works – Details on the different process steps in a Package Water Treatment Plant
    •   Different Configuration Options – MENA Water’s configurations and scope of supply
    •   Sizing – Standard sizes from 500m3/day to 2500m3/day

Mena Water Drinking Water Brochure New Zealand

Hydroflux Epco MENA Water Package WTP Brochure

MENA Water is exclusively represented in Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Fiji and throughout the Polynesian, Micronesian and Melanesian Islands by the Hydroflux Group. Hydroflux’s commitment to our clients does not end with the delivery of the project and the Hydroflux Group local support teams guarantee our clients plants continue to operate at their full design capacity well into the future.

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