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NZ Dairy Giant Chooses HyDAF for Variable Wastewater Treatment

Hydroflux has been engaged to supply a HyDAF with some careful design consideration to allow treatment of two very different wastewater loads.

Hydroflux HyDAF perfect for Industry watewater treatment needsOne of many Hydroflux DAF systems being installed globally.

Industry prefer the HyDAF for their wastewater treatment needs. The extremely low energy footprint of Hydroflux Industrial’s HyDAF HD range, combined with a robust stainless-steel construction and fully enclosed scraper system are just a few of the reasons.

When it comes to the correct selection and application of DAF, these advantages are only a bonus – it is the in-house technical expertise of the Hydroflux DAF team that ensures the best selection and performance.

The Hydroflux DAF team proved they were up for the challenge recently when presented with a Dairy’s Wastewater that had a very high typical Total Suspended Solids (TSS) of ~15,000 mg/L. It would also be periodically fed a higher flowrate that had TSS of ~1,000 mg/L. Both these scenarios provide a change in loading that has an impact on the surface loading rate, the recycle rate and the air to solids ratio needed when using one DAF size. The Hydroflux DAF team successfully modelled both scenarios to show that we could achieve this with two operational setups built into one DAF system. Thus, allowing the operator to make a simple HMI selection to choose either scenario.

Hydroflux Industrial and Hydroflux Industrial NZ work collaboratively to complete such projects. The Hydroflux HyDAF, as with many other Hydroflux Industrial products, are manufactured locally in Australia or New Zealand to suit Hydroflux standards and our client’s needs.

For more information on the HyDAF HD, please click here.

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