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Meat and Poultry Processing

Wastewater Treatment Systems for the Meat and Poultry Industry

Hydroflux Industrial has extensive wastewater treatment experience in all types of meat and poultry processing facilities including slaughterhouses and further processing plants.

At Hydroflux Industrial, our engineers are fully conversant with the internal production processes of abattoirs and further processing plants and as such, we understand the sources of the wastewater. This enables us to design complete treatment plants that work efficiently, economically and consistently under all conditions.

Hydroflux® has developed it’s own range of primary and secondary treatment technologies such as the HyDAF dissolved air flotation systems, HySMART sequential biological reactors (SBR), conventional activated sludge plants and covered anaerobic lagoons (CAL’s). Hydroflux also has experience in the design and construction of Advanced Water Treatment Plants (AWTP’s) which converts wastewater to a potable grade to enable reuse with the processing facility.

Above: HyDAF system being offloaded during construction of a Hydroflux Epco clarifier as part of activated sludge treatment process.

  • Hydroflux utilises high quality rotary screens for the initial stage of gross solids removal
  • The HyDAF system is designed with an augured base or hopper bottom with capacities up to 500 kL/hr.
  • Biolocical processes such as the HySMART® SBR are in operation at many meat and poultry processing facilities for removing organics and nutrients. Other Hydroflux biological technologies technologies include covered anaerobic lagoons, MBBR, MBR and activated sludge plants
  • Hydroflux® has installed many Screw Presses in meat and poultry processing facilities for dewatering primary sludge, biological sludge or a combination of the two.

Above: A covered anaerobic lagoon during construction in NSW