Slide background Environmental water treatment systems for Groundwater, Construction Sites and Tunneling projects

Construction Water

Water treatment systems during construction.

With the unprecedented number of tunnels either completed, under construction, or in the planning stages throughout Australia, infrastructure professionals are always on the lookout for new innovations that will overcome common tunnelling problems assoicated with water and speed up tunnelling operations.

The Hydroflux Group of companies can provide cost effective and reliable systems that are designed to comply with the most stringent of discharge standards. Whether the water requires gross solids removal and handling such as that typically generated during excavation or TBM operation, removal of metals, hydrocarbons or other contaminants present either naturally in the groundwater or via contamination, Hydroflux has experience and proven solutions.

Hydroflux construction water treatment plants generally incorporate several stages of treatment including screening, enhanced clarification, multimedia filtration, carbon filtration and ion exchange when required.

Effective solids management is an essential component of a construction water treatment plant. Hydroflux typically utililises screw presses in a TunnelMax® arrangement or filter presses to dewater and handle construction slurries.

Hydroflux has experience in other areas of water and wastewater treatment for infrastructure including
Contaminated ground waters
Potable water supply
Conventional packaged sewage treatment plants or containerised MBR systems are available via Hydroflux Epco

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