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TunnelMATE® – Robust underground solids handling solutions

Start with Solids at the Source Below Ground

Removing water from the tunnel sounds simple enough. However, within the tunnel the problem becomes the solids within the water rather than the water itself.

Once at the surface, these solids choke the water treatment process preventing off-site discharge occurring fast enough to keep ahead of the water building up in the tunnel.

Rather than moving these solids with the water and coping with the issues that arise, removing the solids from the water within the tunnel and at the source protects the downstream processes and saves on wear and tear, power and labour. It also reduces the cost to transport the dewatered solids, as they can be easily removed with other spoil material.

The TunnelMATE® is a skid-mounted system that can be deployed into the tunnel to remove solids from waters streams and produce a dry and spadable cake – reducing labour, pumping energy, and pump wear and tear.

The system has been designed for automation, reliability and minimal operator input and can be configured to handle 50 – 500 kg/hr of dry solids.

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