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AEROSTRIP® Fine Bubble Diffusers

The AEROSTRIP® Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser is a strip diffuser, for use in continuous and intermittent biological processes.

AEROSTRIP® Diffusers by AquaConsult of Austria have been in operation since the early 1990’s and are providing significant benefits to numerous wastewater treatment plants with over 2000 installation worldwide including many industrial and municipal plants throughout Australia.

mainimage2The main benefits of the AEROSTRIP® diffusers is the significant power savings due to the high oxygen transfer rate 4.0-5.0 kgO2/kW and robustness/long life of the membrane, which is greater than 12 years. And this is without fouling or loss of pressure.

As the AEROSTRIP® Diffuser is fed with air, an air cushion forms underneath the membrane and the micro-perforations open partially. As air flow increases, the number of open perforations increases. The fine bubbles emerge and rise slowly with an oscillating motion. The 1mm bubbles provide high specific area and great stability. This leads to high oxygen mass transfer.

The AEROSTRIP® Diffusers are suitable for use in conventional activated sludge plants, sequential biological reactors, membrane bio reactors and virtually any aerobic wastewater treatment process.

Hydroflux HUBER can provide an instant aeration design for your WWTP utilising a proprietary AEROSTRIP® Design Tool.

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Download Hydroflux HUBER AEROSTRIP® Brochure

Hydroflux HUBER AEROSTRIP® Brochure

Download Hydroflux HUBER AEROSTRIP® Brochure

Hydroflux HUBER AEROSTRIP® Type Q Datasheet

Download Hydroflux HUBER AEROSTRIP® Brochure

Hydroflux HUBER AEROSTRIP® Type T Datasheet

Case Studies

Aerostrip Rockhampton STP Aeration case study Hydroflux Huber

AEROSTRIP® Installation Rockhampton WWTP, Australia

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