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CUB Yatala Take Delivery of HyDAF HD-200N

Hydroflux recently delivered a large HD-200N DAF system to Carlton United Brewery Yatala facility.

The DAF system will be removing solids from the treated anaerobic wastewater prior to further treatment in an MBBR. The HyDAF HD-200N is designed to treat up to 200 kL/hr of wastewater and achieve over 95% solids removal efficiency.

DAF positioning
Designed and fabricated in Sydney, the HyDAF is a modern, simple and effective DAF system that provides exceptional performance in industrial applications. These are just some of the many reasons why the HyDAF is the Dissolved Air Flotation system of choice for industrial wastewater treatment today.

The HyDAF HD dissolved air flotation system is available pre-fabricated with capacities up to 500 KL/hr and comprises the following main components within one packaged plant:

  • Hydroflux Hex Inlet Mixer to provide superior inlet flow distribution and flocculent / recycle stream mixing for optimum flotation.
  • Integrated Sludge hoppers for easy settled solids removal.
  • Dissolved air recycle stream injection into the Hydroflux Hex Inlet Mixer for immediate air contact with flocculent and solids particles.
  • Flotation zone (DAF Zone) to provide a quiescent volume for the formation of float.
  • Heavy duty, fully guarded, counter-current surface skimmer for the removal of surface float.
  • Effluent discharge baffle to enhance the separation of the clarified effluent from the quiescent volume.

“This is another great result with the HyDAF range of DAF systems” said Ryan Davis, Project Engineer of Hydroflux Industrial. “We are consistently seeing performance above expectations and this will be no exception”.

More details on the HyDAF range of dissolved air flotation systems can be found here, or contact Hydroflux to discuss your application.

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08 Nov 2017

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