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For industrial Wastewater Treatment, finding the optimum design for a solution is critical to the successful implementation of the wastewater treatment plant.

At a first glance, a single solution to a wastewater engineering problem can appear to be obvious or there may seem to be several alternative ways to solve the issue. With many years of experience, we have learnt that in all cases, the engineering design process for industrial wastewater treatment should always follow a systematic series of steps from identifying the problem or need, to ultimately implementing the best and most economical solution to meet that need.

The steps of the engineering design process are to:

HydrofluxIndustrial_ValuableResources_Secondary_3Define the Problem. This may be due to compliance, legislation, trade waste costs or the fact that an existing system is undersized or simply not working

Complete the Background Research. Background research into problems can often lead to different solutions. For example understanding trade waste fees and charge structures along with plant operating costs can influence the overall process design of the plant

Specify Requirements. Following the background research stage, the requirements can change – sometimes significantly.

HydrofluxIndustrial_Supplementary_24Create Alternative Solutions. Based on the set of requirements, we will consider several solutions. These solutions may be based on alternative wastewater processes, methods of handling sludge, location of the plant or reuse of any existing equipment.

There are always many solutions available to a problem but you can be assured that Hydroflux Industrial will always find the best. We have many years of experience in problem solving industrial wastewater treatment plants. We think outside the box. The best solution is not always obvious.