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Hydroflux industrial manufactures high quality wastewater treatment equipment for the aquaculture industry. We deliver small turneky water and wastewater solutions for a range of small to large scale aquaculture operations. This includes both the broodstock management and grow out farms as well as the processing facilities.

At Hydroflux Industrial our team of dedicated engineers and process experts have been delivering solutions for the aquaculture industry for over two decades. We are fully conversant with the harvesting and production processes of the aquaculture industry. This enables us to design complete treatment plants for both water and wastewater that work efficienctly, economically and consistently under all conditions.

Our team understand the suttle differences in production between the myriad of different aquatic species our clients produce.
We provide solutions which are tailored to the specific sensitivities and designed to protect our customers product from microbiological threats.
We also understand that many of our customers are located in some of the most pristine environments on our planet and that responsible water management practices are a core value of their business.

Some examples of our solutions within the hatcheries/farms include:

  • FlooScreen high flow dual basket and rotary drum screens for seawater and fresahwater intake water systems
  • Rotary drum screens for removal of hatchery waste solids in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and on systems discharging to environmnetally sensitive receiving waters
  • Nitrifying and Denitrifying FlooBED MBBR solutions to provide ultralow ammonia & nitrate levels in recirculating aquaculture systems and wastewater treatment plants
  • HUBER Includes Screw Press for managing of hatchery waste solids
  • HyPURE Multimedia (MMF), Ultrafiltration (UF) and Granula Activated Carbon of fresh make-up and RAS return water
  • Ozone & UV Treatment of make-up and RAS return water
  • Some examples of our solutions within the processing facilities include:

  • High efficiency rotary drum and in channel drum screens for gross solids removal
  • HyPURE MMF, UF and RO for high purity discharge requirements and water recycling
  • The aquaculture industry is one of the fastest growing food sectors in the world. Our clients choose Hydroflux® because they require their water and wastewater solutions to be robust and capable of growth as their business expands.